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I am looking to rewrite Srt2Sup and merge in the functionality of SupRemap. It will have many of the features that have been requested like text attributes (bold, italic etc) selectable fonts and colours, command line processing and much more!

To assist with this redevelopment I ask you to make a small donation, Thank You!

Welcome to my web site!

This is my home page. You might like to look at the software that is available from the items above.

I am sorry I am getting so much SPAM I have had to turn my SPAM filter up so that is bounces any email from an unknown address. This means that initially you will get a bounce email if this is the first time you have contacted me.

I don't know why people out there think my penis is too small or that I am drowning in debt or that I am stupid enough to open an email that contains a virus!

Be assured I will look through bounced emails periodically and filter out your genuine email. I will then add you to my known list and reply. 

Please remember that I do this in my spare time (which is limited) and have taken the decision to GIVE it away and make it FREE to the community. So if you don't get a 1 hour response to your email remember I do have a day job!

A bit about subtitle colours!

To all of those people that had problems getting their head around subtitle colours - I have released a4.03 that now gives you the information you need to set in the IFO file. You now:

Don't need a starting IFO file only the one created by IFOEdit. Can have subtitles with funny colours! Don't need to worry about mapping subtitle colours - the colours you use in the global settings are the colours used by the DVD

Adding subtitles to an existing subtitled movie

This is a tricky problem as the colour mapping I have used in a4.03 may not match the colour mapping of the original subtitle!

You have three options none of them pretty:

  1. Use SupRemap (click on the link above) to move the colours used by Srt2Sup.
  2. Use version a4.02 which allows you to change the colour mapping - be warned this is NOT for the feint hearted and I have had many hours trying to understand how this works so I am not going to be much help
  3. Re-author the original subtitles by SubRipping them and Srt2Suping them - this is simpler if time consuming!

Problem - Green Subtitles!

You have not set the values given to you by Srt2Sup in your IFO file or you set the values and forgot to save the IFO file!

Problem - Transparency not working

Transparency will appear not to work if you have a nontransparent colour the same as a transparent colour. The best method is to have a different colour for all four elements [background][outline][antialias] and [text].

Problem - Srt2Sup crashes with Access Violation

This happens if you change the background bitmap, but there is a workaround!

The background bitmap is also saved in the S2S file and this is loaded fine so:

  1. Start Srt2Sup (with normal background bitmap, i.e. no line in INI file!)
  2. Select the background bitmap you want!
  3. Optional - Set other global settings that match this bitmap like position & title!
  4. Save a S2S file such as HalfDVD.s2s with no subtitles in it!
  5. Select [Global][Defaultbackground]

Now when you want to work in half DVD start Srt2Sup and open HalfDVD.S2S, this will set you settings and change the background bitmap!   This is a good tip anyway if you want different profiles!

This issue was spotted by Olle Schälin. Thanks to him for the information!

You want a different screen resolution

Srt2Sup creates subtitles on an X,Y basis:

(X) ------ >






So to create subtitles for smaller resolution screens you only need to load a positioning bitmap to help you like below:

This is for 320x576 in a PAL 720x576 window!

Be aware of the [Access violation] problem detailed above if you change the background bitmap!

HOT Links!!!!

I have been told about a nifty little application that is great for syncing subtitles. If you have a DirectShow MPEG2 filter you can even work directly on a VOB file and it creates SRT files ready for Srt2Sup. Get it at:


If you want a good guide on creating subtitles with Srt2Sup then follow these links:

Forum Guides:













This page was last updated on 01-Jun-2004.