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Please see my home page for hints & tips on using Srt2Sup!

I am looking to rewrite Srt2Sup and merge in the functionality of SupRemap. It will have many of the features that have been requested like text attributes (bold, italic etc) selectable fonts and colours, command line processing and much more!

To assist with this redevelopment I ask you to make a small donation, Thank You!

Srt2Sup a4.03 – ReadMe D0-2 01/09/2003


What is SRT2SUP

SRT2SUP corresponds to two different types of file name:


[SRT] is the extension used by SubRipper that can contain subtitle information in either TEXT or a list of BITMAPS
[SUP] is the extension used by IFOEdit (0.95 and above) in it’s DVD AUTHOR feature


[S2S] is the native format of the application


SRT2SUP allows you to take SRT files (or start from scratch) and create a SUP file for adding/changing subtitles on a DVD. This will not be of interest to you unless you have a DVD burner or keep DVD images on your hard drive. If you want to create subtitles for DivX movies or SVCDs there are lots of other applications to do that. You could use this program to create foreign subtitles for movies that do not have them. As long as you have a True Type Font that represents your language it should be OK!


This is a nice tidy program that uses and INI file not adding lots of crap to your registry. The only thing that goes in the registry is a file association. It only puts files in the install directory not all over the place.


Why did I bother?

I wrote the application to allow me to correct subtitles on DVD movies that I own and to add subtitles to DVDs that I have created. This is an alpha release and not extensively tested, but it works because I have used it with success!


I acknowledge the usefulness in the following programs that allowed me to create this application:


IFOEdit V0.95

VobEdit V0.51

SmartRipper V2.41

SubRipper V0.97b

Borland C++ Builder V4 & V6

SUB2SUP ????

VobSub V2.23

Nero & Nero ImageDrive

InterVideo WinDVD


A big thanks to Peter McRice and Mike WDF for all their feedback, alpha testing, ideas and comments – You have helped to shape the application into what it is now!


Top Tips!

Did you know that if you want to keep different profiles for processing your SRT files you can save an Empty/New S2S file. This will contain all of the global settings, but not any subtitles. To uses just open your profile S2S file, open your SRT file and then use SaveAs (so an not to overwrite your profile) to save your new S2S file!



Revision History

a1.00 XX/XX/XXXX

I was just playing and learning about the SUP file format of which there is NO information available.


a2.00 18/03/2003

My first release to the world at large. I am sorry I don’t know why the save SUP file does not work when it was distributed it does not seem to popup the SAVE dialog box!


a3.03 24/04/2003

Fixed MAJOR, I’ll say that again MAJOR flaw in my save S2S code. The save format I used is limited to 32k (useful NOT!). So now I am using a freeware Chilkat XML component to save them as XML(S2S) files!. There is an open old format so you can convert any a2.00 format files you may have!
Add [NEW] function in S2S file menu,
Added global setting [Use RLL] and RLL encoding for subtitles (smaller files)
Fixed bug where screen format was not saved in S2S file
Stopped the screen from being re-sized and maximized
Added a positioning popup so you don’t need a big display (still need a 1024x768)
Converted to be built with C++ Builder V6 (the previous version was built with V4)
Added a position counter (to replace <<< prev & next >>>) and subtitle counter
Added save SRT (filtered for:) to TEXT or Bitmaps you can also render all of your project (including the text subtitles) as bitmaps and a new SRT file
Added append of SRT text and bitmap files (just in case you chopped them up)
Fixed bug where background bitmap was not saved in INI file or global section of S2S file (totally forgot about this!)
Added tools to find text in a subtitle and order subtitles by TimeOn.
Added the ability to change 2 line text justification (left, center, right) globally or on a subtitle by subtitle basis
Added a spin control to move subtitles up and down in the list
Added a status bar for information on each file and toolbar for commonly used commands
Added a Save as well as a SaveAs for S2S files


a3.04 25/04/2003

Now accepts SRT files without extended position data and badly terminated SRT files (ie no blank lines at the end)


a3.05 25/04/2003

Completely rewrote the SRT parser code. This now seems to handle all of the SRT files I have been sent.


a3.06 30/04/03

Interim release to alpha testers


a3.07 02/05/03

Added the ability to display more than two lines
Fixed a bug where the XML inserts solo LFs into long subtitles
Added a track bar to quickly move to a subtitle
Added a record position spinner to the position dialog to move through subtitles
Added the ability to set the target area for subtitles
Added the ability to manually or automatically wrap subtitles (using as an end marker CRLF or a target area width)
Better subtitle layout using [top, middle, bottom] and [left, center, right] positioning


a3.08 05/05/03

Added a play function on the layout/position screen
Added a tool to check for time overlapping subtitles – the time-on or time-off counter also turns red


a4.00 06/05/03

Added a tool to check for subtitles that are off the screen – the subtitle position counter also turns red
Now included the ability to import SUP files back into to a list of bitmaps – This will require some human adjustments particularly with the colours to get a viable subtitle file.
Changed layout of subtitle position window to better cope with 1024x768 screens
You can change the global settings from the subtitle position window


a4.01 09/05/03

Added some cosmetic features [edit subtitle from layout], [double click on log for a scrollable view], [a tool to copy global settings to a subtitle private settings].


a4.02 12/05/03

Added a tool to apply global settings, some settings and adjust times across all subtitles.
Open or append of SRT file allows you to adjust the import times


A4.03 01/09/03

Removed colour mapping settings in favour of giving the information that should be put into the IFO file with IFOEdit.
Added the 4th colour as an AntiAlias border of 2 pixels around the text. If you don’t like this feature just set the AntiAlias colour to be transparent. This will not change how it looks in Srt2Sup, but it will be transparent on the DVD.


Known Bugs

·        There is a 10K per subtitle memory leak when loading a S2S file. This may be in the Chilkat XML library? – Work around is not to keep loading a file except from application start (saving of files seems to be OK!) and close the application down periodically. I would not have releases the program until I fixed this problem, however the requests for updates have been too many not to put out an interim release!

·        Please note you will need to uninstall a2.00 from the control panel before installing this release. This is not a bug, it is just that a2.00 was built with Borland C++ builder V4 and this version is built with V6.


To Come

Due to a major failure of my hard drive and my backup hard drive at the same time I have lost the sources for this project. So there will be no further development until I have the time to recreate the application.

I am sorry!

So what do I do?

This is not going to be a guide on ripping DVD’s or subtitles for that matter, but I will give you step by step instructions for changing the subtitles on a DVD that you own. I am expecting you to have experience on using the tools detailed below. If not there are many good guides available on the web as these are all well-known tools.


1.        Rip the DVD onto the hard drive using SmartRipper, Use stream process and save to a separate file. Don’t bother with subtitles. You should end up with a M2V file and say an AC3 file!

2.        Rip the subtitles you want with SubRip. Use the SRT file format and save as text not bitmaps and make sure you have the extended format with positional information box checked.

3.        Run SRT2SUP and open the SRT file you just created. You should not need to play with colours etc. However you may want to change the default font using the [Settings][Global] menu option

4.        Give the project a title and save it as a S2S file

5.        You can change the look of a single subtitle by unchecking the [Use global settings] checkbox and changing the settings in the tabbed box above. This will NOT change the colours used to create that subtitle, these are held in the global settings.

6.        To edit text or select a different bitmap double click on the subtitle text/filename in the list. CRLF can be added by using CTRL and Enter.

7.        Amend times, add new subtitles mix bitmaps and text if you really want to

8.        Make sure any subtitles you want exported are checked in the list. For all click on [ALL].

9.        Save the S2S file after any modifications

10.   Save the SUP file. This may take a while as the text has to rendered and converted into graphics for the DVD. At the end of the SUP file creation you will be given the colour settings you will need to enter into the IFO file using IFOEdit.

11.   Run IFOEdit and use the DVD Author feature. For picture use the M2V file, for sound use the AC3 file for subtitles use the SUP file. You can add the chapters if you saved them previously

12.   When the DVD is created close IFOEdit and run it again. Open the IFO you have just created (you may need to GetVTS Sectors and then open the IFO file yet again) and the subtitle colours should all be zeros. Set-up the four colours using the information you were given by Srt2Sup and SAVE THE FILE!!!

13.   You now have a set of IFO and VOB files that you can burn onto a DVD!


Be warned that most DVD/VOB players do not show timings that match what is in the SRT file. I use Intervideo’s WinDVD and the timings seem to match. PowerDVD and MediaPlayer do not match! You could let me know if you have found a VOB/DVD player that has a matching time sync.

I have spent a lot of my time creating this application and I hope you find it useful? It is freeware and you should not have been charged for it. I make no warranties of any kind express or implied or any statement on it’s fitness for purpose.


You can contact me on with bug reports and feature requests. I will not answer “how to” questions or “where can I get” questions. I hope you understand! If you are going to contact me please tell me the version you are using, if you are PAL or NTSC and send me your (S2S and/or SUP and/or SRT) files if they would be useful!


Thanks for the feedback I have received so far!




Gandalf the Wizard

Copyright (c)2003. All Rights Reserved

Downloads are offline at the moment I don't have the time or the funds to fix this - Please donate!

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I have been told about a nifty little application that is great for syncing subtitles. If you have a DirectShow MPEG2 filter you can even work directly on a VOB file and it creates SRT files ready for Srt2Sup. Get it at:

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