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I am looking to rewrite Srt2Sup and merge in the functionality of SupRemap. It will have many of the features that have been requested like text attributes (bold, italic etc) selectable fonts and colours, command line processing and much more!

To assist with this redevelopment I ask you to make a small donation, Thank You!

SupRemap a4.04 – ReadMe D0-2 13/02/2004


What is SupRemap


SupRemap is a post-processing tool for Srt2Sup. It is primarily used for people that want to mix SUP subtitles with original subtitles from a DVD and want to change the colour pallet mapping used in the SUP file. Or those people that want a simpler way of editing the colours in an IFO file.

By default Srt2Sup uses colours 0, 1, 2 & 3 in the IFO colour pallet this program allows you to change this mapping to any of the sixteen colours say 12,13,14 & 15.

If you don’t know what I an talking about here then it is unlikely that you need SupRemap unless you want to use it to insert the colours given to you by Srt2Sup.

Why did I bother?

People have wanted to add their own subtitles to movies that already have subtitles. When this is the case the original subtitles would want to use colours 0, 1, 2 & 3 and so did the SUP file created by Srt2Sup. This became a problem if say the original subtitles wanted colour 0 = white and Srt2Sup wanted colour 0 = black!

I would have added this functionality in Srt2Sup if I had not lost the sources for that application so the next best thing was a post processing application. I know it introduces another step in what is already a complex process, but hey what do you expect for free!

Revision History

a1.00 16/01/2004

First alpha release

a2.00 29/01/2004

Added the ability to input the colour pallet from IFOedit (you can copy and paste from the hex window) and have it turned into visible colours to help with the colour pallet re-mapping.

a3.00 04/02/2004

You can now load in an IFO file to see the colours it contains (Thanks to Paddington on the DVDRHELP forum for the code snippet). I have not tested this extensively so if people have problems with this feature then let me know!

a3.01 04/02/2004

Just added numbers on colours and changed EXE for installer program.

a3.02 08/02/2004

Now displays some sample text in the chosen colours with adjustments for: sample text, font, outline thickness, anti-alias thickness & transparent background.

a4.04 13/02/2004

Completely rewritten!!! Now have the ability to edit both the mapping in SUP files and the colour palette in IFO files as well as the ability to parse VOB files to see what colours are being used by previous subtitles.

Known Bugs

None known in this version!

To Come

Maybe I will add command line capability and the ability to change the colour mapping for a single subtitle or a range of subtitles. We will see what people request!

So what do I do?

Download the ZIP file and extract it. Use Setup to install the application.
Run the application

Just changing IFO colours:

Click on the IFO tab
Click on [Open IFO] and pick an IFO file
The colours in the IFO file will appear in the top palette
Change the colours using the HEX editor or the colour picker
If you want a default palette to reflect a SUP file created by Srt2Sup just click on [default]
Save the new IFO file
Author your DVD!!!


Simple re-mapping a SUP file

Click on the SUP tab
Click on [Open SUP] and pick a SUP file
If you know the new mapping you need set the values you need
Save the new SUP file
Author your DVD!!!


Detailed re-mapping a SUP file

Click on the SUP tab
Click on [Open SUP] and pick a SUP file
Click on the IFO tab
Click on the [Open IFO] and pick an IFO file
You should now be able to see what you subtitles will look like with the current palette.
You now have 3 options:  

1) Re-map the SUP file (see above)

2) Change the palette so the SUP file works (what about other subtitles)

3) Parse the other VOB files to find out what colours are used from the palette (you can select multiple VOB files, but the 1st subtitle in a middle VOB file should be enough)


After this save the SUP/IFO files
Author your DVD!!!

You can contact me on with bug reports and feature requests. I will not answer “how to” questions or “where can I get” questions. I hope you understand! If you are going to contact me please tell me the version you are using, if you are PAL or NTSC and send me your SUP files if they would be useful!




Gandalf the Wizard

Copyright (c)2004. All Rights Reserved

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HOT Links!!!!

I have been told about a nifty little application that is great for syncing subtitles. If you have a DirectShow MPEG2 filter you can even work directly on a VOB file and it creates SRT files ready for Srt2Sup. Get it at:

If you want a good guide on creating subtitles with Srt2Sup then follow these links:

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